Original Polaroid Camera: Uncover the Vintage Charm!

Looking for an original Polaroid camera? Look no further! We have got you covered with our comprehensive buying guide. Whether you are a photography enthusiast or simply want to capture those special moments in a unique way, an original Polaroid camera is the perfect choice.

With its vintage charm and instant photo prints, these cameras offer a nostalgic experience like no other. Join me as I walk you through everything you need to know about finding the perfect original Polaroid camera for your needs.

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Polaroid Originals I Type Instant Camera

Polaroid Originals I Type Instant Camera
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The Polaroid Now is a fun and versatile instant camera that captures moments in sharp, vivid color. With its autofocus and double exposure features, it allows you to get creative and capture unique shots. Overall, I highly recommend the Polaroid Now for anyone looking to add a touch of nostalgia to their photography.

Pros Cons
Compatible with both i-Type and 600 film Film not included, must be purchased separately
Available in 7 colors
Double exposure and self-timer features
Autofocus for sharp and vivid images

The Polaroid Now offers a range of features that make it a standout instant camera. It is compatible with both i-Type and 600 film, giving you options when it comes to film selection. The camera is also available in 7 vibrant colors, allowing you to choose one that suits your style. The double exposure feature is a fun way to capture two moments in one frame, while the self-timer and accurate flash ensure that everyone looks their best in the photos.

I bought the Polaroid Now for my 13-year-old daughter for Christmas, and it has quickly become a hit with the whole family. It comes out at every family function, and everyone gets to leave with a little memento. My daughter also loves using it during her school events with friends, and the photos look really cool when we decorate a wall with them. The camera is easy to use, and the autofocus feature ensures that the photos come out sharp and vibrant. It’s a great way to capture and relive special moments.

The Polaroid Now has exceeded my expectations in terms of performance and quality. The photos it produces have a nostalgic charm that digital cameras just can’t replicate. I love the simplicity of the point-and-shoot design, and the fact that I can have physical copies of my photos instantly. It’s a camera that brings joy and creativity to photography, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

Polaroid Now Black Bluetooth Connected

Polaroid Now Black Bluetooth Connected
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The Polaroid Now+ is a full-featured connected analog camera that offers a range of creative tools through its Bluetooth-connected app. It features a dual lens autofocus system, tripod mount compatibility, and comes with a bonus lens filter kit. In my opinion, it’s the perfect blend of classic Polaroid charm and modern technology.

Pros Cons
Full-featured with tripod mount Requires Micro USB rechargeable battery
Bluetooth connected app for additional creative tools Auto-focus may not always be accurate
Compatible with both i-Type and 600 films
Bonus lens filter kit included

The Polaroid Now+ stands out with its full range of features. It is tripod mount ready, allowing for stable shots and long exposures. The Micro USB powered rechargeable battery ensures convenience and eliminates the need for disposable batteries.

The dual lens autofocus system automatically switches between close-up and standard modes, ensuring that every shot is perfectly focused. Additionally, the camera is compatible with both i-Type and 600 films, giving users the flexibility to choose their preferred film type.

Having used the Polaroid Now+, I can confidently say that it delivers on its promises. The Bluetooth-connected app opens up a world of creative possibilities, including full manual control, double exposure, light painting, and noise trigger.

These features allow for experimentation and artistic expression, making each photo unique. The bonus lens filter kit adds even more versatility, with options to create starburst effects, vignettes, and various color filters. The camera itself is easy to use, and the square format photos it produces have that classic Polaroid look that we all love.

In conclusion, the Polaroid Now+ is a fantastic camera that combines the best of analog and digital photography. Its full range of features, compatibility with different films, and the added creative tools through the app make it a versatile and enjoyable camera to use.

Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or a casual snapshooter, the Polaroid Now+ is sure to bring joy and creativity to your photography.

Polaroid Originals 4706 Camera Impulse

Polaroid Originals 4706 Camera Impulse
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This vintage Polaroid camera, lovingly refurbished by Polaroid Originals, comes with a 1-year warranty and is fitted with a protective film shield. With its fixed focus lens and compatibility with 600 film, it allows you to capture moments and print them instantly. In my opinion, this camera is a great choice for those who appreciate the charm of vintage photography and want to experience the joy of instant prints.

Pros Cons
1 Year Warranty Fixed focus lens
Protective film shield Uses 600 film
Instant printing

One of the standout features of this camera is its 1-year warranty, which provides peace of mind and ensures that you can enjoy your photography without any worries. Additionally, the protective film shield adds an extra layer of protection to the camera, keeping it safe from scratches and damage.

The fixed focus lens simplifies the shooting process, allowing you to focus on capturing the moment rather than adjusting settings. And of course, the ability to use 600 film and print instantly adds a touch of nostalgia and excitement to your photography experience.

Having used this camera myself, I can confidently say that it delivers on its promises. The vintage aesthetic and the instant prints bring a unique charm to every shot. The camera is easy to use, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced photographers.

The quality of the prints is impressive, with vibrant colors and sharp details. However, it’s worth noting that the fixed focus lens may limit your ability to capture subjects at varying distances. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed using this Polaroid camera and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to add a touch of nostalgia to their photography.

original polaroid camera buying guide

Types of Original Polaroid Cameras

Instant Film Cameras

Instant film cameras are the most popular type of original Polaroid cameras. These cameras allow you to capture a moment and instantly print it out on a physical photo. They are perfect for those who want the nostalgic feel of holding a physical photo in their hands.

Classic Polaroid Cameras

Classic Polaroid cameras refer to the vintage models that were produced in the 1970s and 1980s. These cameras have a unique charm and are sought after by collectors and photography enthusiasts. They use the classic Polaroid film and produce photos with a distinct retro look.

Polaroid SX-70 Cameras

The Polaroid SX-70 cameras are a special type of instant film camera that was introduced in the 1970s. These cameras are known for their folding design and high-quality optics. They are highly regarded by professional photographers and artists for their ability to produce stunning, artistic images.

Features to Consider

Film Format

When choosing an original Polaroid camera, it’s important to consider the film format it uses. The most common film format is the 600 film, which produces square photos. However, there are also cameras that use the wider format of the SX-70 film or the smaller format of the Spectra film. Choose a camera that uses the film format that suits your preferences.

Focusing System

The focusing system of a Polaroid camera determines how sharp and clear your photos will be. Some cameras have a fixed focus, which means that everything from a certain distance onwards will be in focus. Other cameras have manual focus, allowing you to adjust the focus to your liking. Consider your photography style and preferences when choosing a camera with the right focusing system.

Flash Options

Flash options are important for capturing well-lit photos in various lighting conditions. Some Polaroid cameras have a built-in flash, while others require an external flash attachment. Consider the lighting conditions in which you will be using the camera and choose a model with the appropriate flash options.


Film Packs

One of the essential accessories for an original Polaroid camera is film packs. These packs contain the film sheets that are used to capture and print your photos. Make sure to stock up on film packs so that you never run out when you’re out capturing memories.

Carrying Cases

A carrying case is a must-have accessory for protecting your Polaroid camera while on the go. Look for a case that is durable, well-padded, and has compartments for storing extra film packs and other accessories.

Camera Straps

A camera strap is a practical accessory that allows you to carry your Polaroid camera comfortably around your neck or shoulder. Look for a strap that is adjustable, comfortable, and matches your personal style.

Where to Buy

Original Polaroid cameras can be purchased from various online and offline retailers. Some popular online platforms to buy these cameras include Amazon, eBay, and B&H Photo.

Additionally, you may also find vintage Polaroid cameras at local camera stores or through online marketplaces specializing in vintage cameras.


When it comes to original Polaroid cameras, there are different types and features to consider. Instant film cameras, classic Polaroid cameras, and Polaroid SX-70 cameras each offer their own unique qualities.

Consider the film format, focusing system, and flash options that best suit your needs. Don’t forget to stock up on film packs and invest in accessories like carrying cases and camera straps. With the right camera and accessories, you’ll be able to capture and cherish your memories in the timeless Polaroid style.

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