How to Put Film in a Polaroid Camera? A Step by Step Guide

Preparing to load film into a Polaroid camera

Preparing to load film into a Polaroid camera

Gather necessary materials

Before you can start loading film into your Polaroid camera, it’s important to gather all the necessary materials. You will need the following items:

– Polaroid camera: Make sure you have a Polaroid camera that is compatible with the type of film you plan to use.
– Film pack: Purchase a pack of Polaroid film that matches the specifications of your camera. Different Polaroid cameras require different types of film, so be sure to check the packaging or your camera’s manual for the correct film type.
– Clean, dry surface: Find a clean and dry surface to work on. This will help prevent any dust or debris from getting onto the film during the loading process.

Choose the right type of film

Choosing the right type of film is crucial for getting the best results with your Polaroid camera. There are various types of Polaroid film available, each with its own unique characteristics. Here are a few factors to consider when selecting the right film for your camera:

– Film speed: Film speed refers to the film’s sensitivity to light. It is usually indicated by a number such as ISO 100 or ISO 800. Higher ISO numbers indicate faster film, which is more sensitive to light and suitable for low-light conditions. Lower ISO numbers are ideal for well-lit environments.
– Film format: Polaroid cameras come in different formats, such as 600, SX-70, or Spectra. Make sure to choose film that is compatible with your camera’s format.
– Film type: Polaroid offers a range of film types, including color, black and white, and special edition films. Consider the look and feel you want to achieve with your photos when selecting the film type.

Opening the camera and locating the film compartment

Opening the camera and locating the film compartment

Identify the film door

To load film into your Polaroid camera, you first need to locate the film door. The film door is usually located on the back or side of the camera, depending on the model. It is a small compartment that houses the film pack.

Open the film door

Once you have identified the film door, gently open it by sliding or lifting the latch. Be careful not to force it open, as this could damage the camera or the film pack. If you are unsure how to open the film door, consult your camera’s manual for specific instructions.

Inserting the film into the camera

Remove the film from its packaging

After opening the film door, carefully remove the film pack from its packaging. Make sure to handle the film pack by its edges to avoid touching the actual film. Touching the film can leave fingerprints or smudges, which may affect the quality of your photos.

Align the film with the camera’s rollers

Inside the film compartment, you will see a set of rollers. These rollers help to evenly distribute the chemicals in the film and ensure proper development. Align the film pack with the rollers, making sure the black tab on the film pack is facing up or towards you, depending on your camera model.

Push the film into the camera

Once the film pack is aligned with the rollers, gently push it into the camera until you feel some resistance. Do not force the film pack, as this could damage the camera or the film. Make sure the film pack is securely inserted into the camera before proceeding.

Closing the film door and preparing to take photos

Closing the film door and preparing to take photos

Close the film door securely

After inserting the film pack, close the film door securely. Ensure that the latch or lock mechanism is engaged to keep the film pack in place. A properly closed film door will prevent light leaks and protect the film from exposure.

Advance the film to the first frame

Once the film door is closed, advance the film to the first frame. This can be done by either pressing the shutter button or using the film advance lever, depending on your camera model. Advancing the film will position the first unexposed frame in front of the camera’s lens, ready for you to take your first shot.

Taking photos with a loaded Polaroid camera

Taking photos with a loaded Polaroid camera

Compose your shot

Now that your Polaroid camera is loaded with film, it’s time to start taking photos. Before pressing the shutter button, take a moment to compose your shot. Consider the subject, framing, and lighting to capture the best possible image.

Press the shutter button

Once you have composed your shot, press the shutter button to take the photo. Depending on your camera model, the shutter button may be located on the top or front of the camera. Press the button firmly but gently to avoid camera shake.

Developing and handling the film

Developing and handling the film

Wait for the film to develop

After taking a photo, wait for the film to develop. The development time can vary depending on the type of film and environmental conditions. Follow the instructions provided with your film pack for the recommended development time.

Protect the film from light

While the film is developing, it is important to protect it from light. Light can interfere with the development process and result in poor image quality. Keep the film away from direct sunlight or bright artificial light sources during this time.

Handle the developed photos with care

Once the film has fully developed, carefully remove the photo from the camera. Avoid touching the surface of the photo, as it may still be sensitive to fingerprints. Allow the photo to dry completely before handling or storing it to prevent smudging or sticking.


Loading film into a Polaroid camera may seem daunting at first, but with the right materials and a little practice, it becomes a straightforward process.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you can confidently load film into your Polaroid camera and start capturing unique instant photos. Remember to choose the right type of film, handle it with care, and enjoy the magic of instant photography.


  • How do you put film in a Polaroid go?

    Match the color on the film cassette with the color indicated on the camera. Slide the thick end of the cassette in first and let it drop into place. Leave the pull tab on as you will need that later to remove the empty film pack.

  • How do I put my Polaroid in my camera roll?

    Use Google PhotoScan. It has a simple interface, and the only thing you need to do is fit the polaroid into your camera’s frame. The main advantage of Google PhotoScan is that it can work both for Android and iPhone users.

  • How do you load a Polaroid camera 600?

    Polaroid 600 cameras are designed for ease of use, but they can be confusing until you get the hang of them. The process is simple: open the film pack, remove the foil, and load the film into the film compartment. Be very careful when handling 600 film. A rough touch can blur your photos!

  • How do you get film out of a Polaroid camera?

    You must pull on the pull tab sticker that is on every cartridge of film to remove it from the camera. This sticker is designed to make it easier to remove an empty cartridge from the camera.

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